Iraq War-supporting media personality worries about Putin's 'forever war' in the Ukraine
Russia's President Vladimir Putin makes his New Year's address to the nation in Moscow's Kremlin, December 31, 2015 (AFP Photo/Alexxey Druzhinin)

One of the biggest media supporters of America's invasion of Iraq is singing a different tune as Russia invades Ukraine.

Tom Friedman of The New York Times received widespread ridicule during the Iraq War for repeatedly claiming the "next six months" will be critical for whether the war would succeed, despite the fact that none of Friedman's benchmarks for success in the war were met after the six-month time period had expired.

Now, however, instead of arguing in favor of extending an unprovoked foreign invasion, The Times columnist is arguing the exact opposite for Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

"If you’re hoping that the instability that Vladimir Putin’s war on Ukraine has wreaked on global markets and geopolitics has peaked, your hope is in vain. We haven’t seen anything yet. Wait until Putin fully grasps that his only choices left in Ukraine are how to lose — early and small and a little humiliated or late and big and deeply humiliated," Friedman argued.

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Friedman is now warning of the possibility that Putin is "doubling down" on an invasion.

"In the coming weeks it will become more and more obvious that our biggest problem with Putin in Ukraine is that he will refuse to lose early and small, and the only other outcome is that he will lose big and late. But because this is solely his war and he cannot admit defeat, he could keep doubling down in Ukraine until … until he contemplates using a nuclear weapon," he wrote. "So either he cuts his losses now and eats crow — and hopefully for him escapes enough sanctions to revive the Russian economy and hold onto power — or faces a forever war against Ukraine and much of the world, which will slowly sap Russia’s strength and collapse its infrastructure. As he seems hellbent on the latter, I am terrified."

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