Protester gets foot run over by truck at abortion rights rally in Iowa: report

[UPDATE: This story has been updated to more accurately reflect what's shown in the videos and new reports.]

One woman claims she had her foot run over by a truck driver who encountered a group of Iowans marching for abortion rights, according to reports.

"Witnesses at a rally in Cedar Rapids Friday say a truck ran over a woman's foot during a peaceful pro-choice protest," CBS Iowa reported.

The network interviewed Alexis Russell, who claims she was among those hit by the truck.

“I was over here, I turned around the light was red, and the truck got impatient for whatever reason and charged into the crowd," she said. "There’s at least three people, I look over I see people trying to push the truck back, and I just instantly got mad and ran over and tried to stop the truck. I tried to stop him, he grabbed (and) ripped my sign, and push me down, drove off and that was it.”

Cedar Rapids District 5 City Councilmember Ashley Vanorney says she was at the rally.

"Tonight a truck jumped traffic + plowed into peaceful protestors crossing the pedestrian walkway at the Federal Courthouse. I was walking along side them—the crowd included children alongside me. Thank you for @crpd for responding. The license plate was WRAPTOR in Hawkeye colors," she said.

According to CBS2 News, "Cedar Rapids Police say one person went to the hospital following the incident. Police say a preliminary investigation shows protesters were crossing the street with the proper signal. That signal then changed, but the group was still crossing the street using the crosswalk."

Police say protesters and the driver then got into a verbal confrontation before the truck made contact with the protesters.

According to The Gazette in Cedar Rapids, "no arrests were announced and police said they were scouring the area for surveillance video cameras that may have captured the incident." Further, The Gazette reported that "police said the driver was 'voluntarily interviewed,' but didn’t say whether that was at the scene or whether they had found the driver later."