Beer heiress blasted for trying to 'buy' Missouri Senate nomination
Anheuser-Busch beer heiress Trudy Busch Valentine / Trudy Busch Valentine for Senate.

Anheuser-Busch heiress Trudy Busch Valentine was accused of trying to "buy" the Democratic Party nomination for U.S. Senate in Missouri.

Lucas Kunce, who is also seeking the nomination, unloaded on his opponent with 27-tweet Twitter thread posted on Friday evening.

"My name is Lucas Kunce. I’m a 13-year Marine vet and the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination in Missouri’s Senate race," Kunce wrote. "Our record-breaking grassroots movement has the lead heading into the August 2nd primary — but we could still lose. Let me explain why… In our broken system, wealthy elites can dump millions into any race without restriction. And that’s happening in Missouri. New FEC reports show our billionaire heiress opponent, Trudy @BuschValentine, has dumped in $4M to try and buy the nomination. Our primary is in 11 days."

"And when I say BUY the nomination, I don’t mean some kind of abstract campaign metaphor—I mean BUY it. This is a purposeful effort to avoid scrutiny by the voters and instead flood the state with TV ads. It's a pattern that started with refusing to debate," Kunce continued.

He noted the controversy over the fact his opponent was crowned “Queen of Love and Beauty” at the Veiled Prophet Ball, which is the focus of a new ad from the Kunce campaign.

"She owns stock in defense contractors, Big Pharma, Wall Street banks — and her family estate has hosted fundraisers for Republican candidates and the NRA," Kunce noted. "We can’t miss this chance to flip a Senate seat—we have to end the filibuster and save our democracy. And the stakes are far too high for us to lose to a criminal like Eric Greitens because we have a nominee running the same broken campaign we’ve seen year after year in Missouri."

"Served active duty for 13 years. Iraq once, Afghanistan twice," Kunce said. "Between tours, one of the hardest things was coming back home and seeing what was going on in my old neighborhood. Our community had been stripped for parts."

Here is the full thread he posted: