Republicans getting outraised by Dems among small donors -- even as Trump 'hoovers up' GOP voters' cash: report
Donald Trump speaking at the Prescott Valley Event Center in Arizona. (Gage Skidmore)

Former President Donald Trump is not on the ballot in 2022, but he is nonetheless swallowing up donations from the Republican Party's voter base.

Axios reports that Trump's political operation "has hoovered up more than $60 million from under-$200 donors this cycle," despite the fact that other Republican candidates who are actually running are in serious need of small-donor dollars.

In fact, Axios notes that many Republican candidates are struggling to keep up with their Democratic opponents in under-$200 donations, which has forced many wealthy Republicans to ramp up their giving this cycle.

"Even the GOP's best small-dollar performers are being swamped by huge grassroots backing on the other side," the publication writes. "Georgia's Herschel Walker raised nearly $8 million in 'unitemized' donations through June 30. But Democratic incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock has raked in $14 million in small-dollar money through June. In Florida, GOP Sen. Marco Rubio has reported nearly $12.7 million in small donations. Democratic challenger Val Demings has more than doubled that small-dollar total."

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Even though Trump's political operation is supposed to help out other Republican candidates, Axios writes that "he's steered just a tiny portion of his war chest to GOP midterm hopefuls."

While the current political environment is still favorable to Republicans, Axios reports that some party insiders are fearing a "debacle" in the Senate due to fundraising problems and outside-the-mainstream MAGA candidates in several key races.