Distraught Trump supporter: 'I'll never vote again' if he loses in 2024
Trump supporters (Shutterstock)

Florida supporters of former President Donald Trump tell the South Florida Sun Sentinel that they're sticking by their man even after he was indicted on multiple felony charges last week.

In fact, one supporter of the former president is so dedicated that she literally can't imagine voting for anyone else.

“If he doesn’t win in 2024, I’ll never vote again," 49-year-old Trump supporter Michelle Lilly explained to the newspaper.

In elaborating her devotion to the former president, who in addition to facing a criminal indictment was also impeached in the House of Representatives on two separate occasions, Lilly argued that he alone could fix the ills facing the United States.

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"Our country needs him," she said. "Trump’s the only one who can get us back to where we need to be."

Fellow Trump supporter Larry Snowden echoed Lilly's claims and said he predicted being criminally indicted would only make the former president's backers love him more.

“People like myself, we do feel it’s a witch hunt," he said. "We feel Trump is innocent. I see support for President Trump skyrocketing since all of this started happening with the idea of charges and arraignments.”

Trump supporters' continued devotion to him comes despite not only a criminal indictment and two impeachments, but also currently ongoing criminal investigations that could lead to even more serious charges in the future.