Donald Trump may get even more dangerous after losing his GOP kingmaker status: columnist
Donald Trump (Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

Donald Trump may get even more dangerous after a humiliating string of losses in GOP primaries.

For the third week in a row, a Trump-endorsed candidate for governor lost a GOP primary when former Sen. David Perdue lost to Gov. Brian Kemp.

The Associated Press described the result as Trump's "biggest primary mistake."

It wasn't Trump's only statewide loss on Tuesday.

Attorney General Chris Carr defeated John Gordon, who was endorsed by Trump.

What happens next could be scary, Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank warned.

Milbank noted, "On Monday, the Trump-endorsed candidate for governor in Georgia, former senator David Perdue, closed out his failing campaign for the Republican nomination by stripping off the mask and letting fly a starkly racist finale: He said the (Black) Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Stacey Abrams, is 'demeaning her own race' and should 'go back where she came from.'"

"The back-to-back appeals to violence and white supremacy provide a caution to those celebrating Trump’s apparent loss of his kingmaker status in Republican politics: As ugly as things have been with Trump holding an iron grip over the GOP, they could actually get worse if he feels his grasp slipping and becomes even more incendiary in his provocations," he warned.

He noted the former president's talk of "civil war" on his Truth Social clone of Twitter.

"Trump, who has long idolized Robert E. Lee and championed memorials for Confederate leaders, wasn’t clear about whether his sharing of the message was meant to recommend, or merely to predict, a civil war. Neither did the aspiring Jefferson Davis share what he found enticing about the prospect," he wrote. "Was it the mass death? A repeat of the mortality of the Civil War would mean about 8 million deaths today. Or was it the Lost Cause mythology, which gave birth to Jim Crow and today’s white supremacy? But this much is perfectly clear: Trump was, once again, amplifying a favorite theme of the violent far right."

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