Trump emphatically denies that Bannon was advising him during his final days in office
Screenshot via YouTube

Speaking to Yahoo Finance this Monday, former President Donald Trump discussed his relationship with former adviser Steve Bannon, and was asked by Yahoo Finance's Adam Shapiro what Bannon did to get back in his good graces after the two had a falling out.

"Steve didn't get along with certain people in the administration. So I understand that. That happens. And it happens with all administrations, frankly. And for a period of time, he didn't-- just didn't do it," Trump said. "And I understand that. But if you look at Steve over the last three years, he sees what a great job we've done as an administration when you look at all of the things that I've enumerated plus many others."

When asked if Bannon was advising him towards the end of his administration, Trump outright denied it.

"No, not at all. No, I haven't spoken to Steve almost at all. No, he wasn't. But I know that he's got a show that's very successful," Trump claimed.

But Shapiro pointed out that Bannon claims he was advising Trump during the time period in question.

"So is he lying when he says he was talking to you in the last months of your administration?" Shapiro asked.

"Very little. We would speak very little. Now, Steve and I spoke very little. But I will tell you, he was very supportive," Trump replied.