'Best you sit this out, Ronna': RNC head's tweet about Gov. Cuomo's 'sexual misconduct' blows up in her face

Republican National Committee head Ronna Romney McDaniel's attack on the CNN for ignoring sexual impropriety accusations lodged against Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) -- despite three stories on their homepage about the accusations -- led to an avalanche of responses from critics after she spent four years deflecting for admitted sexual predator Donald Trump.

McDaniel has been reluctant to talk about the former president who was on the receiving end of over 26 complaints from women over inappropriate behavior. That didn't stop her from piling on Cuomo who has called for an independent investigation into the allegations against him.

According to Trump's hand-picked RNC head, "CNN spent days glorifying Gov. Cuomo. But now, they only spend mere seconds covering his obstruction and the allegations of sexual misconduct against him. This is media bias at its worst."

As one commenter advised her, "Best you sit this out, Ronna."

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