‘No sense of shame’: Conservative explains the new litmus test for GOP candidates
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Conservative political pundit Charlie Sykes explained on MSNBC's "Deadline: White House" how former President Donald Trump is forcing a litmus text on GOP candidates.

Host Nicolle Wallace was interviewing Sykes about a warning from former Judge J. Michael Luttig, whom George W. Bush considered for a nomination as chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.

“At the moment, there is no other way to say it: This is the clearest and most present danger to our democracy,” Littig told The New York Times this week. “Trump and his supporters in Congress and in the states are preparing now to lay the groundwork to overturn the election in 2024 were Trump, or his designee, to lose the vote for the presidency.”

Sykes offered his analysis.

"First of all, this is really a hell of a story and that's a helluva quote from Judge Luttig, who as Mike [Schmitt] said is very well-known in conservative legal circles and very, very well respected and measures his words," Sykes noted. "So when he says this is a clear and present danger, people ought to pay attention."

"And the fact is that this is ongoing and what I think is interesting in this story is that it reminds us that this coup is an ongoing coup," he continued. "Yes, it's preposterous that you were talking about decertifying the election, but this is feeding those doubts and it is laying the groundwork for future action and also, it is providing more oxygen to this vast network of grifters, charlatans, conmen, and demagogues who continue to push these big lies."

"Whatever's been happening since January 6th, you have these folks who are escalating it. They have no sense of shame whatsoever, they are getting encouragement from Mar-a-Lago and this is becoming, I think, the new litmus test for many Republicans," he explained. "I think that it poses a real danger going forward in undermining confidence in elections, I don't think it's overstated at all."


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