WATCH: Even this Trump apologist can’t defend the president’s Georgia call
Donald Trump. (Screenshot)

On CNN Tuesday, former Trump White House lawyer Jim Schultz — a committed Republican — sharply criticized the president's call with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger demanding that he "find" another 11,000 votes.

"You were in charge of ethics, I mean, you were an ethics official in the White House," said anchor Poppy Harlow. "That was your role as a counsel in the White House. Do you believe that the president's call with Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger was ethical?"

"Look, there's no lawyer in their right mind that's going to recommend that that call take place," said Schultz, who frequently appeared on CNN during Trump's impeachment to defend the president.

"I was also general counsel to a governor in a very large state, in Pennsylvania, and when the president called the governor, that was a big deal," Schultz continued. "When the president calls the secretary of state, that's unheard of. That just doesn't happen. And in this context, there's no way the president should even be talking to the secretary of state, that's something that staff and others should be doing. Let alone the message that he was conveying during that call."

"It just wasn't — it wasn't the right tone, it wasn't the right message, it wasn't the right thing to say," said Schultz. "There were so many things wrong with that phone call."

Watch below: