Trump World lobbyist under federal investigation: GOP operative

Allegations that a top GOP lobbyist is under federal investigation were revealed in new court filings.

"A judge has ordered that one of the most prominent lobbyists of the Trump era, Barry Bennett, have his business assets partially frozen, according to court filings reviewed by Politico. Earlier this month, a court sent Bennett formal notice that a default judgment was entered against him — meaning, because he did not comply with court orders, he is liable, and the only remaining legal issue is how much he owes in damages to a Republican consultant who sued him," Politico reported Friday.

"Bennett was campaign manager for Ben Carson's 2016 campaign and then advised the Trump campaign. After Trump's election, he and Trump's former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski opened a lobbying shop just blocks from the White House called Avenue Strategies. The firm's international wing, Avenue Strategies Global, represented a host of big-spending clients over the years, including Citgo, Ukrainian politician Yulia Tymoshenko, and the governments of Qatar and Zimbabwe," Politico reported.

Avenue Strategies shut down weeks after President Joe Biden was inaugurated.

"And now, according to the court documents POLITICO reviewed, a judge in Maryland has ordered Bennett's assets partially frozen to satisfy the judgment entered against him and ruled that he owes damages to Republican consultant and pundit Ying Ma, who also worked on Carson's campaign," Politico reported. "In March of 2019, Ma sued Bennett and Avenue Strategies Global in Montgomery County Circuit Court in Maryland, alleging that they violated a contract with her by declining to pay her finder's fees for bringing in clients and backing out of a commitment to make her a partner at the firm."

But Ma also alleged that Bennett is yet another advisor to Trump's 2016 campaign being investigated by the feds.

"Aside from breaching his contractual commitments to Plaintiff, Defendant has willfully attacked the character of Ying Ma ... by engaging in dishonesty and defamation before federal authorities in a federal investigation for which he has been implicated (Plaintiff intends to file a separate complaint on the defamation charge)," Ma's filing reads. "Bennett has attempted to defend his illicit activities to federal authorities by, among other things, falsely accusing Ying Ma, a patriotic American citizen, of being an intelligence asset of the Chinese Communist government."