Watch: Damning Capitol riot timeline showing Trump’s complicity laid out by CNN's Erin Burnett

On Monday's edition of CNN''s "OutFront," anchor Erin Burnett laid out a timeline of events that happened on January 6th, revealing the scale of former President Donald Trump's involvement in the Capitol riot — and his guilt in the impeachment trial.

"Tonight in this defense they put out, his lawyers say in their brief to the Senate that Trump took immediate steps to coordinate with authorities to provide whatever was necessary to counteract the rioters," said Burnett. "This is not factually true. There is a record of what Trump did during the riot. Let's go through it again."

"2:23 p.m., this is on television," said Burnett, showing CNN coverage of protesters breaching the Capitol. "At 2:24, Trump tweeted about the man presiding over the Senate floor that time, his vice president. 'Mike Pence didn't have the courage to do what should have been done, giving states a chance to certify a corrected set of facts, not the fraudulent inaccurate ones. USA demands the truth.' The record leaves no question of whose side Trump was on in the deadly riot."

"2:26 p.m.," said Burnett, showing more CNN riot footage. "Trump ... did pick up the phone to call Senator Tommy Tuberville. When he got in touch with him in a temporary holding room, a source says he was trying to get Tuberville to delay the vote. Trump continuing to pound the table, the same table and goal as his mob." Meanwhile, she noted, contrary to Trump's lawyers, it was Mike Pence who summoned the National Guard, while Trump refused to do so.

"When Trump finally did speak, it was 4:17 p.m.," said Burnett. "His first words? To tell the world the election was stolen, even as he asked the rioters to go home ... I mean, they did what he told them, every step of the way. They didn't take him figuratively. They took him literally. From when he started the great lie about a rigged election until that moment."

Watch below: