'Most terrified I've ever been': Reporter describes learning 'extremely alarming' details of Trump's final days

Reporter Susan Glasser on Friday told CNN's Jake Tapper that she felt personally unnerved while reporting out details of former President Donald Trump's final days.

While discussing her most recent article in the New Yorker about Trump's fights with General Mark Milley in the waning weeks of his administration, Glasser explained to Tapper that it was unprecedented for American military leaders to view the sitting commander-in-chief as a potential national security threat.

"You know, when I first learned about the level of alarm that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs had through the election and all the way into January, I have to say it was probably the most terrified I've ever been as a reporter in several decades," said Glasser, who has also reported from American wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

She said she was relieved to see that Milley and other top military commanders had done their best to hold Trump in check, but still found it frightening just how far the twice-impeached former president was willing to go.

"It was extremely alarming," she said. "On the one hand I suppose it's reassuring to understand that we have a class of generals at the very top rank who really do worship, I believe, the Constitution... but this is unprecedented stuff."

Watch the video below.

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