DOJ is 'setting up the next insurrection' if they don't move quickly on Trump records: CNN host
CNN host John Avlon. (Screenshot)

On CNN Wednesday, analyst John Avlon laid out the importance of former President Donald Trump's legal battle with Congress and the National Archives to prevent the release of White House communications related to the January 6 Capitol attack — and argued that moving quickly is key to setting a precedent to prevent a similar coup attempt in the future.

"As someone who deals with the National Archives, these are — these papers are the property of the American people. They're not owned privately by the president," said Avlon. "And consistently what we're seeing is this Trump playbook of trying to delay and apply frivolous lawsuits and all that. The underlying issue is to apply the law. Apply the law. This is going to be pressure on Merrick Garland, the question of supporting criminal contempt charges which was done successfully during Watergate, less successfully during the 1980s."

"But this is a — you want an issue of precedent, precedent is an attempt by a sitting president of the United States to overturn an election and execute a coup," added Avlon. "If we don't enforce the laws in this circumstance, to ensure maximum transparency, that is setting up the next insurrection attempt."

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John Avlon says failure to act on Trump records is "setting up the next insurrection"