Former CIA chief: Trump committed obstruction of justice
CIA director John Brennan says the US has the means to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power (AFP)

On MSNBC Thursday, former CIA Director John Brennan accused former President Donald Trump of obstruction of justice for his efforts to conceal documents at Mar-a-Lago.

This comes as the FBI has seized material as part of a criminal investigation into the matter — an investigation currently put on hold by a Trump-appointed judge who has agreed to the former president's request to have a special master review all the documents.

"Let's give him the most generous read," said anchor Nicolle Wallace. "Even if he unwittingly took hundreds of the most sensitive intelligence documented created by our documents, human intelligence, things that aren't supposed to leave the originator. The government went in to get what wasn't turned over. Even then, there were lies told by Trump's team. If you have to offer the same sort of analysis of hoarding of state secrets, where do you come down?"

"It was intentional," said Brennan. "He knew he shouldn't have those documents. This absurd claim he declassified things is just absurd. There's no way. The fact that he brought them down there — it does seem as though there was a fair amount of obstruction of justice as they were moved around. The National Archives and Department of Justice were told untruths."

The whole situation, argued Brennan, is similar to the behavior Trump exhibited during the Russia investigation — and in that case, as well, seasoned prosecutors who investigated the matter concluded that the former president and his allies had likely committed obstruction.

"You are talking about the investigation into Russian interference in the election and Bill Barr's blatant mischaracterization what the Mueller Report found, the Mueller Report found although there was collusion, there wasn't the evidence that he was able to uncover for criminal conspiracy," said Brennan. "I would think criminal conspiracy here in terms of trying to avoid any type of understanding that these documents were in Mar-a-Lago is something that I think Donald Trump and others are vulnerable to potential future indictment."

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John Brennan says Trump committed obstruction of justice