'That's what's terrifying': CNN panel shocked at how far Trump's coup attempt went
Donald Trump speaks to Fox News (screen grab)

On Friday, a CNN panel reacted to the new report of Justice Department notes showing the extent to which former President Donald Trump sought to interfere in the department's policy to overturn the presidential election.

"The notes show that both men pushed back against Trump, telling him we are doing our job, much of the information you are getting is false," said anchor Jake Tapper. "But what if somebody else had been in that job? Right now there is a big effort — again, this is about the future, not just the past — there's a big effort to take some of these people who were guardrails."

Guest Bill Kristol reminded viewers that Trump fired Defense Secretary Mark Esper after the election, while Attorney General Bill Barr had resigned, which may have given Trump confidence that he could impose his will on top agencies.

"Think of this in a foreign country," added Kristol. "The defense secretary fired a bunch of cronies. It's lucky that even though Esper was gone, Mark Milley held the line of defense, it's lucky that deputy — acting Attorney General Rosen seems to have held the line at Justice Department, but the degree to which this was a genuine attempt by a sitting president."

"The guardrails held this time," said Tapper. "This time."

"That's what's terrifying to me," said Daniella Gibbs Léger, the chief of the Center for American Progress. "If this was any other country, as you know, we would launch an investigation, we would be talking about what's happening overseas. But it happened here. And I think sometimes people are comforted that the guardrails held. Well, let's move on, let's talk about something else now. But we can't do that because the only way that we can guarantee that this doesn't happen again. Is that there are actual consequences for the president of the United States..."

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