Trump isn't worried about impeachment because what's coming after could be a lot worse for him
Sarah K. Burris

Former President Donald Trump reportedly fears that he will face criminal prosecution following the conclusion of his second impeachment trial.

One source tells CNN that Trump "has been asking aides and associates about his potential exposure to criminal prosecution after his impeachment trial is completed," and he is worried that he could face charges that are not related to the infamous January 6th Capitol riot.

Reporter Jim Acosta speculated on Tuesday that the former president may be concerned with facing charges over his infamous phone call in which he pressured Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to "find" the 11,000 votes he would need to overtake President Joe Biden's lead in his state.

Trump is also facing legal scrutiny from the New York Attorney General's Office and the Manhattan District Attorney's Office for potential tax fraud, although so far neither office has filed criminal charges against him.

Watch the video below.