Being 'beholden to the Orange God King' is the only issue Republicans care about: CNN guest

On CNN Wednesday during a discussion of the Ohio special election primaries this week, anti-Trump conservative Mona Charen blasted the GOP for putting loyalty to former President Donald Trump above anything and everything in their primary contests.

"In the Democratic Party, you at least have a battle going on about how who's going to control it, and it's about ideology," said Charen. "You've got the Sanders wing, which Turner represented, versus the Biden wing, shall we say, the moderates, Jim Clyburn very influential here. And the moderates have been winning. In the Republican Party, you don't have any battle at all about ideology. It's all about whether you are beholden to the Orange God King or not."

She admitted that there are some candidates who are not blind Trump loyalists, but she said their chances of winning in a GOP primary are highly questionable.

"There aren't many who are non-Trumpy," continued Charen. "There's a guy, Craig Schneider, who just announced in Pennsylvania for the Senate race who's explicitly non-Trumpy. But those candidates are hard to find."

Watch below:

Mona Charen says Republicans value nothing but loyalty to the "Orange God King"