Former Tea Partier Joe Walsh smacks down fellow Republican for denying the party is a 'cult'
Former Reps. Mia Love (R-UT) and Joe Walsh (R-IL) appear on Anderson Cooper 360.

On Monday's edition of CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360," former Tea Party Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL) disagreed with former Rep. Mia Love (R-UT) about the future of their longtime party.

"The Republican Party is a cult," said Walsh. "I know a lot of people say that but what does that mean? That means they are all beholden to Donald Trump. And — and the base of the party, which is beholden to Trump. And as a cult, you can't speak the truth. Look at Mike Pence. Look at all the — the — the supplicating he did to Donald Trump for four or five years. And then, on January 6th, Anderson, he does his constitutional duty and as far as the Republican Party base is concerned, he's done."

"I do disagree with the cult statement," said Love. "I'm still a member of the Republican Party. I'm not abdicating my position. As a matter of fact, um, if you look at the former president's numbers and the support that he has, it's actually going down ... I think the American people are looking for leaders that are going to say this is — I want you to prevent this from happening, again."

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"Anderson, I respect the heck out of Mia Love but the fact is if — if you don't say Donald Trump won the election ... you can't get elected as a Republican," said Walsh. "If you say January 6th was a violent attempt to overthrow the election — if you say that truth, Anderson — there is no way, on God's green earth, as a Republican, you could win that."

"I mean, look at Ted Cruz," agreed Cooper. "Look at Ted Cruz just saying the word 'terrorist' about people who attacked police officers on the day of the insurrection. And he gets, you know, a starring role in the way he didn't want on Tucker Carlson's show, and had done probably severe damage to himself but we shall see. We shall see if support is fading."

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Joe Walsh and Mia Love debate GOP's future