Trump's document scandal has 'jolted' him so much he's shelling out $3 million for lawyer
Donald Trump -- via AFP

Politico's Betsy Woodruff Swan reported Thursday that Donald Trump is shelling out $3 million to one of his lawyers handling the classified document scandal.

Over the past several weeks, pundits have chastised Trump for causing so many problems for his lawyers that MAGA stands for "Make Attorneys Get Attorneys." That has been the case for lawyer Christina Bobb, who signed an official document to the court saying that Trump didn't have any more classified documents. It was a lie that is now causing her legal problems.

Having someone like Trump as a client and run the risk of not being paid at all or disbarred has meant that Trump can't find attorneys to help him when necessary. A $3 million check from the Save America PAC appears to be the way he was able to bring on Chris Kise.

The former Florida solicitor general is making bank, Swan explained. New York Times Maggie Haberman noted that it's an indication that "this case has jolted him." He's "not known for paying lawyers."

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"It’s unclear if the sum paid by Save America PAC is going directly to Kise or if it has been placed in an account that Kise will bill as he works for Trump," the report explained. "Kise left the firm Foley and Lardner and set up his own firm, Chris Kise & Associates, in order to take Trump as a client. Save America made the payment as he was going through that complex process, so it’s unclear if the payment went to a financial vehicle controlled by his brand new firm or one controlled by another entity."

The legal fees problem has become scrutinized by the House Select Committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on Congress. Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) told reporters that the committee members are researching whether witnesses had their legal fees paid for by Trump as a kind of agreement to protect him. The concern is that it could be considered witness tampering. The finances around the Jan. 6 attack and the legal fees are expected to be part of the next public hearing.

Read the full report by Politico.

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