CNN analyst stunned after DOJ notes reveal Trump’s ‘colossal abuse of power’

During an appearance on CNN this Friday, legal analyst Elie Honig was asked to comment on the recent bombshell report from The New York Times detailing how former President Donald Trump pressed the Justice Department to bolster his bogus voter fraud claims, calling it a "colossal abuse of power."

"I think it's important that we not take this for granted or get numb to it because we've seen plenty of evidence that [Trump] was willing to do anything to overturn the election," Honig said. "Here, we are getting confirmation that he reached out to the Justice Department, which ought to be the last bastion of truth and independence, and just enlist their help ... he essentially asked them to make it up."

Honig went on to reiterate that Trump's actions were an "absolute abuse of power, abuse of presidential authority" and that the DOJ under Trump "deserves some credit" for taking a stand.

"So, this really is an astonishing abuse of power by the president, and there needs to be accountability in Congress and potentially elsewhere."

Watch the video below:

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