'Stop finding votes!' Trump rages against election being 'rigged' against Dr. Oz
Donald Trump (AFP)

On Thursday, former President Donald Trump took to his platform on Truth Social to rage against the election process in Pennsylvania, where Republican primary candidates Dr. Mehmet Oz and former hedge fund CEO David McCormick are separated by fewer than 2,000 votes and an automatic recount seems almost assured.

With no basis whatsoever, Trump, who endorsed Oz in the race, accused Pennsylvania officials of "finding" extra votes, and demanded that they stop tallying outstanding ballots.

"The Pennsylvania Oz race is ridiculous," he wrote. "How long does it take to count votes. France, same day all paper, had VERIFIED numbers in evening. U.S. is a laughing stock on Elections. Stop FINDING VOTES in PENNSYLVANIA! RIGGED?"

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Trump and his allies have repeatedly claimed that delays in calling an election result are indicative of fraud or fake ballots, even though this is a routine occurrence when election results are close, depending on how state law lays out the process for counting.

Oz and McCormick's near tie comes after right-wing talk radio host Kathy Barnette, who had previously been surging in polls, failed to produce a strong showing on Tuesday night. Barnette's supporters in turn are also pushing conspiracy theories that the election was stolen from her.

The ultimate winner of the Republican primary will go on to face Democratic Lt. Gov. John Fetterman in November.