Primary takeaway: Trump's endorsement is only worth about 30 percent — regardless of the race
Donald Trump (AFP)

On CNN Wednesday, political analyst John King laid out how former President Donald Trump's endorsement can impact Republican primaries.

Specifically, he noted, Trump's endorsement consistently seems to net a candidate around 30 percent of the vote — and that may be sufficient to win in some races, but not in others.

"You look at this and, again, to be clear, Trump endorsed Dr. Oz," said anchor Erin Burnett. "What do the primaries in Pennsylvania and elsewhere, other crucial states — you know, Idaho, Oregon, Kentucky, North Carolina — tell you about how successful Trump's endorsements have been?"

"Let's be clear at the outset, we're still early in this primary season," said King. "But we do have a trend so far. We'll see what happens as we move on through the primaries. But Dr. Oz is Donald Trump's candidate in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. He gets 31.2 percent. In Ohio, J.D. Vance was Donald Trump's candidate, 30 percent. Right about the same what Oz got. There's some governor's races. Let's look at the Republican side. Nebraska, we went through that primary a Tuesday ago. Trump's candidate was at 30 percent, roughly 30 percent. Last night, out in Idaho, Trump was on the losing end, he supported the lieutenant governor. She got 32 percent. You notice that pattern here?"

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King then broke down additional races where this 30 percent figure came into play.

"It happens in House races, as well," said King. "Let me give you a chance to look at it. These are some of Trump's endorsements. You see a line. 30 percent, 32 percent. Here in Pennsylvania is an exception at 44 percent. Even in House races, it was enough in North Carolina for Bo Hines, 32 percent was enough, he won there. It was enough, 32 percent for J.D. Vance in the Ohio Senate race. We will see if 31 percent is enough for Dr. Oz. But it depends on how many candidates are in the field, how strong are the other candidates? In North Carolina, the incumbent, Madison Cawthorn, he got 32 percent yesterday. That was not enough. He lost."

Watch the segment below or at this link.

John King says Trump's endorsement is worth 30% of the vote