Expert explains why Trump's war on truth is a fundamental goal of fascism

Speaking to Vox this Friday, Yale philosophy professor Jason Stanley said that although the word "fascism" gets thrown around a lot in current times, the debate surrounding the word has become much more urgent since the rise and fall of Donald Trump's presidency.

According to Stanley, fascism isn't necessarily a type of regime or belief system. "Fascism is usually a cult of the leader who promises national restoration in the face of supposed humiliation by immigrants, minorities, and leftists."

"It's about power and will. And power and will is this guy's will versus everything else," he says. "And what truth does is level power. Someone with less power can point out that someone with more power is lying and the person with more power who's lying will be humiliated. But if you destroy truth and make it just about power, that can't happen. The extraordinary attack on truth we've seen is an object lesson in how to do this."Read his full interview over at Vox.