Trump is furious former aides are working for candidates he didn't endorse
Donald Trump (Photo from Nicholas Kamm for AFP)

During a panel discussion on CNN's "Inside Politics," on the odds of Donald Trump endorsee Dr. Mehmet Oz successfully winning the GOP nod to be the candidate on the ballot in November for an open U.S. Senate seat, the panel noted that Oz's main primary opponent David McCormick has Trump people working with him.

As one panelist noted, the former president is not pleased with those former aides.

After pointing out that Oz has not received much of a bump in the polls, talk turned to Trump's campaigning for him and his attack on McCormick and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell during a rain-soaked rally this week.

According to host Abby Phillip, Trump's rally comments showed, "He's really mad."

That led NPR's Tamara Keith to chime in, "McCormick would be the traditional Republican dream candidate, he is successful in business, he is a veteran, he is the image of the candidate that they would want."

"He has hired all of these people from the Trump orbit, and there is nothing that Trump hates more than people making money off of his name," she continued. "He has said this repeatedly over the course of time. He just -- it just really, really bothers him to have his people going out and working for people that he hasn't picked."

Watch below:

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