LISTEN: Donald Trump rages at cable news for covering Hurricane Ida 'all night long'

Former President Donald Trump was furious at cable news shows for spending Sunday evening reporting on Hurricane Ida as it made landfall in the United States.

Speaking to the Todd Starnes show, Trump whined that the networks should be covering the crisis in Afghanistan, which the networks have been covering non-stop for the past week.

"Because Afghanistan is not even something that can be discussed in a rational way," Trump said. "The level of stupidity — and we had a great agreement. And Biden admitted the other day, he made a mistake because they didn't want him to say that no people have been killed since this agreement was signed."

No Americans had been killed since the agreement, but there was an increase in civilian deaths in Afghanistan after the Trump deal.

Donald Trump rages at cable news for covering Hurricane Ida 'all night long'

Trump went on to say that he threatened the head of the Taliban that if an American was killed that they'd bomb his house first. He implied that Biden wasn't strong enough to do the same. Biden actually retaliated after the bombing at the airport last week and spent the weekend doing drone strikes on ISIS militants.

"And the media, which is fake and crooked and corrupt, they're the worst people, they're the most corrupt people," Trump added. "The only thing I don't understand is why. They've got to hate our country. And they are in fact the enemy of the people. But the corrupt media shows the hurricane all night long."

See the video of Trump's rant below:

Trump rages at hurricane coverage