Trump gear banned from rally for Capitol rioters — and violators will be treated as ‘infiltrators’
Photo: AFP

Matt Braynard, the former Donald Trump campaign aide who's organizing Saturday's "Justice for J6" rally in support of Capitol insurrectionists, announced Tuesday that attendees should not wear clothing or carry signs showing their support for former president Donald Trump.

"We request that anybody attending our events not wear any clothing or have signs supportive of either President Trump or Biden," Braynard wrote on Twitter. "Anyone not honoring this request will be assumed to be an infiltrator and we will take your picture, find out who you are, and make you famous. ... This event is 100% about #JusticeforJ6 and not the election or any candidate."

Several other Twitter users pointed out that, as written, Braynard's tweet suggests people should show up naked, while others mocked him for "snuffing out the flames of freedom" and asked whether QAnon garb is still acceptable. "WHITE HOODS ONLY!!!!" one person wrote.

Braynard recently told CNN that "we have told people that when they come, we don't want to see any messaging about the election, we don't want to see any messaging on T-shirts and flags or signs about candidates or anything like that."

While the rally has raised concerns about potential violence, with police reinstalling temporary fencing around the Capitol, Braynard told the network it will be "completely peaceful."

"Still, at least one Proud Boys leader has encouraged followers from across the country to show up, though others online have discouraged attendance and warned it might be a false flag operation designed to trap supporters," CNN reported. "Meanwhile, 'White Lives Matter' is advertising global demonstrations for September 18 and has been supportive of the January 6 insurrectionists online, but it does not have a DC chapter."

Thirteen simultaneous rallies are planned in state capitals around the country, according to Braynard's nonprofit, Look Ahead America.

A Department of Homeland Security official said this week that about 700 people are expected to attend the Washington rally, which begins at noon.