Even Trump's own lawyers know his bid to crush Georgia prosecution is 'a loser': Legal expert
Fani Willis and Donald Trump / official portraits.

Former President Donald Trump's legal team is likely to fail in their motion to block Fulton County, Georgia prosecutor Fani Willis from using anything obtained during the special grand jury proceeding to pursue an indictment, according to a legal expert.

"Let me read you a part of this Washington Post description of what has happened," said MSNBC anchor Ayman Mohyeldin. "In the filing, Trump's legal team drew an argument that a state law is unconstitutionally vague about the use and scope of a special grand jury and the failures in the statutory fundamental fairness of the proceedings and violate the due process rights of those involved. Trump's lawyers argue the special grand jury involved a constant lack of clarity to the law and inconsistent constitutional protections for those asked to testify and those who are believed to be targets of the investigation."

"I'm not a lawyer, don't want to pretend to be one," he added. "Is this a real legal argument they just read for you?"

"It's real," replied legal analyst Renato Mariotti. "I don't anticipate it's going to be successful, but I will say Trump's Georgia lawyers are a cut above his lawyers in some of the other jurisdictions. They know this is a loser."

"They brought this for a couple of reasons. One is they are hoping to get a ruling they can use to get the right to appeal to try to delay things. And I think second, the goal here was to try to tarnish the entire process and put out there that there's something unfair in the grand jury foreperson's comments. Basically, to try to paint a negative brush on the Fulton County investigation, which otherwise has been very comprehensive and detailed and wide-ranging."

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Renato Mariotti says Trump's lawyers know their filing in Georgia will fail www.youtube.com