Trump family demanding $30 million from NYC to void contract running Bronx golf course: report
Donald Trump golfing. (Photo via Twitter)

According to a report from MarketWatch, officials in New York City are looking for ways to boot the Trump family out of its contract to run a golf course in the Bronx under the belief the family's name has become even more toxic after the Jan 6th Capitol insurrection.

The hold-up, the report states, is the $30 million payout Eric Trump is demanding and a possible legal battle over the contract.

According to the report, "Experts who have reviewed the city's 566-page contract with the ex-president say kicking him off the course may not be so easy," adding the negotiations, "could turn into a potentially costly legal battle dragging on for years."

Asked for the legal reasoning for the ouster, NYC officials explained, "Trump's actions leading up to the riot caused a 'plain and irrefutable' breach of the contract and that the Trump Organization's last day running the course will be Nov. 14."

Public contract expert John Ray said the Trump's may have the upper hand, stating, "They can't throw him out so easily."

The report adds, "The Trump Organization has been reeling after the Capitol riots, with the PGA of America canceling a tournament at one of his New Jersey courses, banks refusing to lend to him and brokers refusing to help find companies to fill retail and office space in his buildings. The hits come as prosecutors pore over his tax returns and big debts loom."

"But Trump likes a good fight. And anyone doubting that he can't emerge victorious when he seems washed up should talk to junk bond investors and shareholders in his Atlantic City, New Jersey, casinos, who lost hundreds of millions as he drove them into bankruptcy several times starting in the early 1990s and yet managed to pull out an estimated $80 million for himself," Marketwatch added.