CNN's Ana Navarro slams GOP for worshipping 'faux deity' Trump rather than living in 'reality based' world
Ana Navarro (ABC)

On CNN Monday, Ana Navarro, a longtime Republican strategist from Florida who backed and advised Joe Biden for president in 2020, laid into the GOP for refusing to move on from former President Donald Trump.

"Ana, there's energy, but there's also at the end of the day election results, right?" said anchor Jim Sciutto. "Empirically, that Trump approach has not worked particularly well. He's a one-term president, never won the popular vote. Republicans lost the senate in those Georgia races, principally by the president undermining his own party in those races. If you go back to 2018, not a good result in those midterms for Republicans. So I wonder, what does experience rather than energy show the Republican Party? That is, experience in the polling booth?"

"Jim, they're not looking at experience. They're not looking at real election results. They're not even looking at reality. They're certainly not looking at traditional conservative values," said Navarro. "Listen, the conservative stool would stand on three legs. Being a fiscal conservative. Is Mitt Romney fiscally conservative? Yes. Being a foreign policy conservative. Is Mitt Romney a foreign policy conservative? Yes. He's never kowtowed to Putin. And being a social conservative. Does Mitt Romney live his family values? Yes. Mitt Romney's a man who won Utah by far more than Donald Trump ever did."

"These folks ... are not ideological," said Navarro. "They're not about principles. They're not about values. They're not about convictions. They are about blind loyalty to one faux deity. They would take orange Kool-Aid if that is what Donald Trump asked them to do. In the meantime, you've got this faux deity who is playing golf and no longer even tweeting. He's playing golf, eating hamburgers and watching OAN and watching Fox News and calling in every now and then. It is absolutely ludicrous."

"And so I — you know, I urge Republicans and Americans to go back to that time when we could be reality-based and put country over party," added Navarro. "This time it's not even putting country over party, it's putting country over a faux deity, a liar, who incited an insurrection. Those facts are not going to go away regardless of how much Kevin McCarthy wants to rewrite history."

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Ana Navarro slams GOP for worshiping "faux deity" Trump rather than fix their