'Violence will not be tolerated': Dems file scathing impeachment memo against 'brazen' Trump
President Trump. (AFP)

The House impeachment managers brushed off former president Donald Trump's defense shortly before his second impeachment trial begins.

The former president's legal team filed a trial memorandum Monday urging the U.S. Senate to "reject" impeachment as an unconstitutional and "brazen political act," but the House impeachment managers responded Tuesday with a scathing filing of their own.

"President Trump's pre-trial brief confirms that he has no good defense of his incitement of an insurrection against the Nation he swore an oath to protect," they wrote in a reply memorandum. "Instead, he tries to shift the blame onto his supporters, and he invokes a set of flawed legal theories that would allow Presidents to incite violence and overturn the democratic process without fear of consequences."

"His brief — in which he refuses to accept responsibility for his actions — highlights the danger he continues to pose to the Nation he betrayed," they added. "To send a clear message to the Nation and to all future Presidents that efforts to undermine our democracy through violence will not be tolerated, the Senate should convict President Trump and disqualify him from ever holding office again."