Prosecutors have their knives out for Trump -- and 'there's every incentive to crush him': biographer

Former President Donald Trump is facing a daunting number of legal problems, and one of his former biographers tells the Washington Post that it's only a matter of time before criminal charges get filed.

Michael D'Antonio, who wrote a 2015 biography about the former president called "Never Enough: Donald Trump and the Pursuit of Success," thinks that prosecutors at the moment have their knives out for Trump in a way that will be hard for him to brush off.

"Nobody needs him now," D'Antonio explains to the Post. "What does he have to offer anybody? And in fact there's every incentive to crush him."

In total, the Post has found that Trump faces at least six different criminal investigations and 29 different lawsuits related to a wide range of alleged misconduct.

"The sheer volume of these legal problems indicates that -- after a moment of maximum invincibility in the White House -- Trump has fallen to a point of historic vulnerability before the law," the Post writes. "Prosecutors roam free in his financial records. New lawsuits keep arriving. Some of his key lawyers have quit."