'Clear and present danger' Trump shouldn't be ignored despite latest rally flop: Mary Trump
Donald Trump (AFP Photo/Timothy A. Clary)

Following a discussion on CNN's "Reliable Sources" on the matter of how much the media should cover Donald Trump now that he is out of office, the president's niece claimed he remains dangerous and should not be ignored.

Speaking with host Brian Stetler about the Saturday "Justice for J6" rally -- in support of the insurrectionists facing jail time for storming the Capitol on Jan 6th -- that fizzled, Mary Trump claimed it was not a sign that the former president's influence is waning.

"I agree with your previous guests that we can't pretend these things are not happening. I have been told many times all we need to do is ignore Donald and this will all go away and that's absurd," she explained. "He's a clear and present danger -- he continues to be propped up by his entire party. The Republican leadership continues to find him useful and continues to help him spread the big lie about the election and big lie about the insurrection."

"So I don't believe we can look away," she told the CNN host. "I'm very glad nothing happened yesterday, but as you said earlier, that doesn't mean we can let our guard down because the right-wing media will spin it in such a way that the rallygoers were silenced somehow or they weren't allowed to exercise their rights, and it's going to continue to be an issue going forward because at the very beginning of the show when you were talking about how they continued to shape their message depending on how it's landing, and unfortunately, they're pretty successful in doing that."

Watch below:

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