Trump attempts to rebrand GOP as 'the party of common sense' while praising QAnon Republican
Donald Trump speaking with supporters at a campaign rally at the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, Arizona. (Gage Skidmore)

Donald Trump attempted to rebrand the Republican Party as "the party of common sense" shortly after bragging about putting a fringe candidate over the finish line in Ohio.

The remarks came as Trump was bragging about his claims of having an undefeated record in GOP primaries.

He then described a "funny event" that took place in Ohio.

Trump then discussed Republican J.R. Majewski, who was the surprise winner of the GOP primary to take on Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-OH).

"Mr. Majewski has a shot at winning in November: After the recent redistricting process, Ohio’s Ninth District went from being strongly Democratic to leaning Republican. But as his political profile has risen, he has expressed several conspiratorial and fringe views," The New York Times reported Wednesday. "In addition to advancing the lie that the 2020 election was stolen — now a common belief among Republicans — and floating doubts that the Capitol riot was driven by Trump supporters, he has expressed sympathy for believers of the QAnon conspiracy theory movement."

Majewski is notorious for his suburban lawn.

"Trump devotee J.R. Majewski, an employee of a nuclear power company, first gained prominence on the right in 2020 by painting a 19,000 square-foot Trump campaign sign on his lawn," The Daily Beast reported. "Majewski’s unorthodox entry into politics goes beyond his massive yard signs. He not only marched in Washington on Jan. 6, but also claimed to have raised $20,000 to bring 30 other Trump supporters to protest what he saw as a stolen election. He has frequently signaled his support for the QAnon conspiracy theory, wearing its merchandise and building a close alliance with a leading Q promoter."

That's how Trump described Majewski.

"And what he is, he's a farmer, he's a great farmer," Trump falsely claimed. His campaign bio says "Majewski now serves as a Senior Leader in the nuclear industry working with some of the world’s largest nuclear utilities."

"And he carved Trump into the cornfield or whatever field — wheat, corn, whatever the hell he had," Trump said of the man who put biodegradable paint on his lawn.

"And you could see it from 30,000 feet above in an airplane," Trump claimed.

Less than one minute later he said, "You know what? We're the party of common sense."

Watch the clip below or at this link.

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