How Trump's 'hard-right ideological judges' could jeopardize key parts of Biden's agenda

While former President Donald Trump is out of office, the hundreds of right-wing judges he appointed to courts could still make life more difficult for President Joe Biden.

CBS News reports that Republican attorneys general have already filed multiple lawsuits challenging Biden's executive orders, as well as certain parts of the $1.9 trillion pandemic relief bill that was signed into law earlier this month.

Among the policies that could run into a judicial buzz saw are the suspension of new oil and gas permits on federal lands, as well as a provision in the relief package that barred state governments from using aid funds to pay for tax cuts.

"Trump appointed hard-right ideological judges," Kenneth Manning, a professor at University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth, told CBS News. "So if you give them, generally speaking, a defensible legal argument on an issue like climate change or voting rights where we know there are partisan, ideological differences, you would very much tend to expect those judges to support that in their decision-making."

Elizabeth Wydra, the president of the Constitutional Accountability Center, similarly told CBS News that Trump-appointed judges could cause problems for Democrats because "judicial appointments are a legacy of an administration that last far longer than the administration itself in many instances."