CNN legal expert baffled by Trump's NYT lawsuit: 'What is the motivation here?'
Donald Trump speaks to Fox News (screen grab)

On Wednesday, Florida prosecutor Dave Aronberg discussed the possible motive for former President Donald Trump's lawsuit against his niece Mary Trump and The New York Times for exposing information about his taxes, allegedly in violation of a 2001 nondisclosure agreement.

"You know, Dave, Mary Trump accused the former president of trying to, quote, 'change the subject,'" said anchor Wolf Blitzer. "Does she have a point?"

"You have to wonder about the motives," said Aronberg. "It doesn't seem to have a lot of merit. I read the lawsuit. The portion of the NDA agreement that's cited in the lawsuit doesn't seem to include Trump's taxes from that Fred Trump estate litigation. So you wonder, what is the motivation here?"

Aronberg then speculated it was all about keeping the former president's hardcore fans thinking that he was righteously "fighting" for them.

"You have to think it's politics, because Trump wants to fire up his MAGA base, especially after they had to be demoralized after the terrible showing at the rally last weekend to support the January 6th rioters," said Aronberg. "You have to believe this is to get them back energized. Suing Mary Trump will not in itself fire up the base, but suing The New York Times? Oh, yeah. If he loses, it doesn't matter. He can then blame it on liberal activist judges, even though he probably appointed them. So you win and win."

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Dave Aronberg speculates on Trump's motive in suing his niece and NYT