MAGA lawyers say they don't deserve sanctions for filing bogus claims because they really believed they were true
Sidney Powell Screen capture

The attorney representing several lawyers who are facing sanctions in Michigan for making false claims about voter fraud in the 2020 election is arguing that his clients don't deserve to be sanctioned because they genuinely believed the bogus information they were submitting.

Via Reuters reporter Brad Heath, attorney Donald Campbell argued that his clients, including infamous "kraken" attorney Sidney Powell, did not deliberately mislead courts even though many of the sworn affidavits they filed to make their case were filled with false claims.

Campbell argued that the attorneys could not be sanctioned for submitting bogus claims if they sincerely believed their veracity.

What's more, he added, former President Donald Trump similarly believed that the claims of fraud were real.

"The Attorneys are not the only individuals who viewed these affidavits as evidence of serious fraud," he wrote. "When they filed this case, members of two of the federal government's three branches—including the now former President of the United States—were insisting that there was massive voter fraud... millions of other Americans believed those claims—and believed that their president would not intentionally mislead them."

The letter acknowledged that "attorneys should look beyond their prejudices and political beliefs, and view evidence with a level of professional skepticism" but he added that "no one is immune to confirmation bias."

Read the whole filing here (PDF).