Trump-loving cops slammed in scathing op-ed after their ‘hissy fit’ wastes taxpayer money

A self-identified Trump supporter and president of the union for sheriff's deputies in Sacramento, California, filed a complaint against County Supervisor Phil Serna over an anti-Trump Facebook post he made back in January, The Sacramento Bee reports.

On Jan. 3, Serna wrote, "If you are a Donald Trump supporter you are dead to me," adding that Trump supporters are "traitors" who don't care about "our democracy."

Serna later said in a Facebook post that more than one complaint was filed against him over the Jan. 3 post. An investigation later found the complaints to be unwarranted -- an investigation that reportedly cost tax payers $11,231.50 -- but that number could double since it only accounts for investigative work done in January and February. According to the Bee, the names of the people filing the complaints against Serna were redacted in the final report that cleared him.

"So the price tag for the county could end up at more than $20,000 because some Trumpers threw hissy fit," wrote the Bee's Marcos Breton.

After some digging, he found that one of the complainants was president of the Sacramento County Deputy Sheriffs' Association and another was vice president of the organization.

"What is most objectionable here is the behavior of sworn officers of the law. Ask yourself this: Why would they care if Phil Serna doesn't like Donald Trump? Shouldn't officers of the law focus on the law irrespective of politics?" Breton wrote. "If an elected official in the county, who by definition is in politics, states a distaste for Trump, why would peace officers take offense to the point of filing a complaint and initiating an investigation that costs the county real money?"

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