Trump's aides express fear he'll hold a press conference after his Manhattan arraignment
Donald Trump (Photo by Brendan Smilakowskim for AFP)

In a deep dive into how Donald Trump is handling his indictment that will lead to him making an appearance in a Manhattan courtroom next week, the Washington Post is reporting that aides to the former president are attempting to make plans to get him there and back without any new controversies erupting.

As Post notes, Trump's mood since receiving notice a Manhattan grand jury has submitted a sealed indictment on Thursday has been described by insiders as ranging from “upset,” to “irritated,” to “deflated” and “shocked.”

After receiving the bad news, the former president quizzed his legal team on how he will be treated and what he can expect when he turns himself in while his aides make travel arrangements.

According to the report, his advisers are urging him to show up and then get out of town as quickly as possible avoiding any public appearances.

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Those same aides also worry he will create problems if the publicity-hungry Trump decides to address the press after being booked, fingerprinted and facing a judge.

The Post reports, "Trump and his team have not decided yet what arguments to make or which lawyers will speak during his arraignment Tuesday, in part because they have not seen the indictment or evidence."

The report went on to add, "Despite Trump’s desire for iconic images, his aides have been trying to convince him to make the trip to New York a quick one and avoid any public appearances or news conferences, citing safety risks — and so far, Trump seems inclined to oblige. They also hope to have him back out on the campaign trail by the end of next week."

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