Trump lawyer describes him as ‘like the mayor of Mar-a-Lago’ in city council speech
Composite image, White House picture of President Donald Trump and Mar-a-Lago

President Donald Trump's search for a new title may be complete.

Trump has refused to refer to himself as a former president, instead his office is still calling him "President Donald J. Trump."

But at a Tuesday hearing in Palm Beach, one of Trump's attorneys offered a new potential designation.

"He's the like the mayor of Mar-a-Lago, if you will... he loves it there," Trump's attorney said, as was reported by S.V. Dáte of HuffPost.

The comments were made during a hearing on whether the former president will be able to live at Mar-a-Lago.

In 1993, Trump promised the Palm Beach Town Council that he would not stay at Mar-a-Lago more than seven days in a row and make no more than three such visits a year.

Florida state Rep. Omari Hardy, a Democrat, has called for Mar-a-Lago to be shut down and fine the club.