'This is a BIG one!' Trump ridicules Mitch McConnell's Senate bill fiasco
Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell (Trump pohoto by Chandan Khanna, McConnell by Saul Loeb -- both for AFP)

Donald Trump took time off from hosting a Saudi-backed $25 million golf tournament at his Bedminster resort in New Jersey on Friday to snipe at Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) for being "played" by Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV).

On Wednesday, McConnell and 13 fellow Republican senators voted for a Democratic-sponsored bill investing in U.S. high-tech manufacturing only to have Manchin, an hour later agree to support a separate package that will include climate investments, raise taxes on the rich, and provide for prescription drug reforms.

That was a blow to McConnell who was holding up the manufacturing bill due to the larger bill only to have Manchin betray him immediately after the vote.

According to Yahoo News, "McConnell said in June that Republicans would hold the manufacturing bill hostage if Democrats moved forward with their broader bill, which would pass through a party-line vote process called reconciliation. After that, Manchin threw cold water on the idea of passing a sweeping bill, and Republicans expected Democrats to pursue a pared-down package only containing drug pricing reforms. Clearly, Manchin never left the table. And Republicans, along with the rest of the world, found out when the senator released a statement announcing his support for a party-line bill—minutes after the GOP relinquished its leverage."

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News of McConnell being "rolled" as Sen Mike Braun (R-IN) called it, appears to have delighted the former president who has been battling the Kentucky Republican for making critical comments about him since his election loss.

Taking to Truth Social, Trump wrote: "Well, Mitch McConnell got played by the Democrats again. This is a BIG one!"

Keeping the vein of attacking Republicans, Trump also took a shot at Wisconsin GOPer Robin Vos for failing to help him overturn the 2020 presidential election results, writing, "Robin Vos has done a terrible thing to Wisconsin. Election Integrity seems to mean nothing to him, despite a sweeping Wisconsin Supreme Court Victory. It was a RIGGED Election. A lot of people will be voting against Vos on Tuesday, and for very good reason. A do nothing RINO!!!"

Trump latest attack on McConnell comes just one week after he called the Kentucky Republican a "dishonest sleaze bag."