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Seth Meyers details the work done to clean the White House post-Trump: 'Getting ketchup off the Constitution'

Thousands had to be spent to clean the White House after President Donald Trump and his family stayed in the residence for four years. While reports maintained that the fumigation was due to the coronavirus pandemic and a need to ensure sanitation, "Late Night" host Seth Meyers thinks something else was afoot.

"Scrubbing out Diet Coke rings, pulling loose hair out of the drain, trying to get ketchup off the Constitution," he said, detailing the work that had to be done. "I know they're saying that this is because of COVID but even without the pandemic if I were moving in after Trump anywhere I'd want the place fumigated. The guy was glued to his TV, barely left his bedroom, and only ate fast food. That place probably looks like a locker on 'Storage Wars.' Or a studio apartment in a rent-controlled building after the tenant, who lived there for 80 years dies. There's just piles of old newspapers, loose change and a collection of weird ceramic pigs."

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Trump put Senate GOP in tough spot with 'crony pardons' ahead of impeachment: Top Republican

Former President Donald Trump released the full list of 145 pardons in the early hours of Wednesday morning, but some of those are already problematic for Republicans, reported Politico.

Elliott Broidy, a GOP fundraiser, pleaded guilty in a foreign lobbying scandal. GOP Maine donor Michael Liberty, was "convicted of making illegal campaign contributions — and who was once described as 'Donald Trump with a Maine accent.' Drew Brownstein, a hedge funder and son to a Colorado lobbyist. All of those added to the other political cronies like Steve Bannon, Paul Manafort, Roger Stone and Michael Flynn.

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'Andy spread election fraud lies': Arizona Republican's brothers condemn his conspiracy theories

On Wednesday, The Arizona Republic reported that two brothers of Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) are condemning his attacks on the electoral process.

"In a letter to the editor at The Arizona Republic, William Biggs and Daniel Biggs of Tucson said their brother, who argued to set aside Arizona's election results in Congress, is 'at least partially to blame' for the deadly riot at the U.S. Capitol two weeks ago," reported Ronald Hansen. "William Biggs, 67, said he is a Democrat who isn't close to his Republican brother but could no longer quietly disagree with his political efforts after the riot. Daniel Biggs could not be reached for comment."

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Michael Flynn's brother involved in military response of Capitol invasion — but Army covered it up: report

On Wednesday, The Washington Post revealed that the U.S. Army falsely denied for days that the brother of former President Donald Trump's disgraced ex-National Security Adviser Michael Flynn was involved in decision-making during the military response to the Capitol invasion two weeks ago.

"Charles Flynn confirmed in a statement issued to The Washington Post on Wednesday that he was in the room for a tense Jan. 6 phone call during which the Capitol Police and D.C. officials pleaded with the Pentagon to dispatch the National Guard urgently, but top Army officials expressed concern about having the Guard at the Capitol," reported Dan Lamothe, Paul Sonne, Carol D. Leonnig, and Aaron Davis. "Flynn left the room before the meeting was over, anticipating that then-Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy, who was in another meeting, would soon take action to deploy more guard members, he said."

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Trump still faces criminal and civil liability for phone call to rig Georgia election: Law professor

On MSNBC Wednesday, Fordham Law professor Jed Shugerman explained how former President Trump is still potentially on the hook for his phone calls to Georgia officials trying to demand they "find" extra votes for him — both civilly and criminally.

"I think legal commentators have been too cautious and too wary of claiming exactly what is on that phone call," said Shugerman. "When he asks for the Georgia secretary of state to find votes, he's not in good faith saying, you know, look around, you know, the gymnasiums for votes, he's saying exactly find 10,000 xxx votes which could give him exactly the number. Just because someone thinks an election is not fair doesn't mean you get to print fraudulently 11,000 votes. That's a crime."

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Republican loyalist installed at NSA by Trump being placed on leave pending investigation: report

On Wednesday, CBS News' Catherine Herridge reported that Michael Ellis, a Republican operative installed as general counsel to the National Security Agency, has been placed on administrative leave — the same week he started work.

According to the report, Ellis' investigation is now being investigated by the inspector general of the Department of Defense, amid accusations that he improperly handled classified information.

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Taxpayers will continue to fund millions in security for Trump kids and random former staffers

Former President Donald Trump, as an ex-president, will get secret service protection, but according to the Washington Post, so will his family and several of his top aides at the expense of the American taxpayer.

For six months, Trump demanded protection for "former treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin, former chief of staff Mark Meadows and former national security adviser Robert C. O'Brien."

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Republican media executive obliterated for claiming Trump supporters handled his loss well

On Wednesday, as President Joe Biden was inaugurated, Brent Bozell, a right-wing media executive behind the Media Research Center, remarked on Twitter that supporters of former President Donald Trump took their loss better than "the snowflake left" did in 2016.

Commenters on social media swiftly dogpiled Bozell. Many of the replies reminded him that only two weeks before, a paramilitary force of Trump supporters invaded the U.S. Capitol with the apparent intent of seizing control of the building and attacking lawmakers, leaving five people dead — an incident which Trump was impeached for allegedly inciting with his conspiracy theories about the election.

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Total Trump lies as president tap out at 30,573

The Washington Post endeavored to track President Donald Trump's lies while in office after the first year took the political world by surprise. While some of the lies were vanity lies like his true height and weight, many were lies that were egregious denials of basic facts that were shockingly cast aside over desperate scrambles to excuse ignorance or prop up inadequate leadership.

It all began with the announcement by former press secretary Sean Spicer who proclaimed from the White House podium that Trump had the largest inaugural crowd of all time. "Period!"

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Trump staffers blew off his departure ceremony because they were sick of his election lies: report

On Wednesday, The New York Times reported that although former President Donald Trump's officials begged staffers to attend his departure ceremony, many of them blew it off because they were tired of his complaints and conspiracy theories about having the election stolen from him.

According to the report, only about 300 people attended the event, despite the fact that standing room had been arranged for a crowd three times that size.

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George W. Bush called Clyburn the country's 'savior' for his role in helping Biden defeat Trump: report

On Wednesday, Associated Press reporter Meg Kinnard reported that former President George W. Bush privately told House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn (D-SC) that he is "the savior" because of his kingmaker role in the Democratic primary that cemented the nomination for President Joe Biden.

"You know, you're the savior, because if you had not nominated Joe Biden, we would not be having this transfer of power today," Bush reportedly told Clyburn, adding that Biden was "the only one who could have defeated the incumbent president."

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MSNBC panel erupts after historian rips Melania Trump for making the White House look like the Beverly Hillbillies

Presidential historian Michael Beschloss didn't hold back talking about the way that the Trump administration trashed the White House.

While cameras showed the south side of the White House, Beschloss pointed to the West Wing and the blank space where first lady Jackie Kennedy's Rose Garden once stood.

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Trump risked a nuclear security crisis with how his administration left office: report

Donald Trump's refusal to concede he lost the 2020 presidential election and failure to work with the incoming Biden administration could have resulted in a nuclear crisis, according to a national security reporter.

"Officials at the Energy Department and National Nuclear Security Administration were briefly leaderless today bc outgoing Secretary didn't put anyone in charge even temporarily—frustrated officials there said that could've hindered response to a national emergency," Politico's Natasha Bertrand reported Wednesday.

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