Trump Organization controller has testified before Manhattan DA’s special grand jury: report
Donald Trump -- via AFP

The controller, a senior vice president of the Trump Organization has testified before the special grand jury empaneled to weigh evidence in the Manhattan District Attorney's investigation into Donald Trump, his company, and its employees.

Jeff McConney, whose LinkedIn profile says he has worked at the Trump Organization for 34 years, and is considered to be one of its senior-most executives. As controller, he would have very specific knowledge of the company's finances.

ABC News, citing sources, reports McConey is the first Trump Organization to testify before the grand jury, and citing sources says, "his testimony is a sign that prosecutors have burrowed deep into the company's finances."

"Complex accounting issues are crucial to this investigation," Daniel R. Alonso, the former chief assistant district attorney in Manhattan and now a partner in private practice at Buckley LLP, told ABC, "as is the knowledge and intent of the people at the Trump Organization involved in these transactions."

"In any case like that, the two most important people — whether as targets or witnesses — are the company's CFO and the company's controller."

"If, as has been reported, the DA is targeting Allen Weisselberg, it's a logical step to seek testimony from the controller, who presumably reports to him and works with him every day," Alonso added.