New York eyeing cooperation with another Trump Org exec to 'turn up the heat' on Weisselberg: Florida prosecutor
Allen Weisselberg (Photo: Trump Org.)

On CNN Friday, Palm Beach County, Florida state attorney Dave Aronberg discussed how the efforts of New York prosecutors to get the cooperation of Trump Organization COO and former Trump bodyguard Matthew Calamari puts extra pressure on CFO Allen Weisselberg to try for a deal himself.

Weisselberg, despite being indicted along with the Trump Organization itself on tax charges, has so far shown no interest in cooperating against the organization, the former president, or his family.

"What does it tell you, Dave, that prosecutors are now trying to get Matthew Calamari ... to cooperate?" asked anchor Wolf Blitzer.

"It definitely turns up the heat on Allen Weisselberg, who is out there on an island by himself," said Aronberg. "The indictment of Weisselberg and the Trump Organization, Wolf, said there were two other employees who received substantial amounts of compensation in the form of lodging in New York City and car leases."

Given that the Calimaris live in Trump apartment buildings, Aronberg continued, it seems natural that prosecutors would explore a cooperation agreement with them.

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Dave Aronberg says Matthew Calamari investigation could pressure Allen Weisselberg