Trump complains that 'Chicago is far worse than Afghanistan' in rambling response to Paul Pelosi attack
Donald Trump (Photo by Manf del Ngan for AFP)

In an interview with Americano Media's Lucia Navarro, Donald Trump called the vicious hammer attack on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's husband a "terrible thing" before going on a rambling riff about crime in America that led him to say Chicago is "far worse than Afghanistan."

Asked about the Friday attack, the former president -- who has been silent on the Truth Social about the incident, which led a Fox News host to chastise him -- briefly addressed it before quickly changing the subject without addressing the attacker's embrace of the 2020 stolen election claim Trump has promoted.

After first stating in the video posted by the Daily Mail, "'These people are crazy. They're going to release stone cold killers out of the jails. Nobody knows why. I mean, they need room or something," he continued, "Yeah, with Paul Pelosi, that's a terrible thing. With all of them. It's a terrible thing."

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He added, "Look at what's happened to San Francisco generally. Look at what is happening in Chicago. It was far worse than Afghanistan. Okay, we have Chicago. When I had Afghanistan. I told you 18 months we went without one soldier being shot. And you look at what happens in Chicago and one weekend - last weekend was brutal. It was like a warzone."

"This country is out of control,” the former president insisted. “You look at—and they’re Democrat-run cities, almost exclusively.”

Watch below or at this link.