Trump and Pence's 2024 collision course panned as 'the showdown absolutely no one is waiting for!'
Official White House Photo by Joyce N. Boghosian.

Donald Trump and Mike Pence may face off in the 2024 GOP presidential nomination contest.

"With his man prevailing over Donald Trump's chosen candidate, Mike Pence may well mark Tuesday's Georgia gubernatorial primary as the moment when his 2024 presidential bid got real," Trump biographer Michael D'Antonio wrote for CNN. "Pence's ex-boss, the former president who once was seen as a kingmaker in GOP politics, gave his full-throated support to former US Sen. David Perdue, who was humiliated in a blowout loss to incumbent Republican Gov. Brian Kemp."

He described it as "a rare act of open defiance" against his former boss.

"Now as he steps out from Trump's shadow, Pence is playing the 'nice' card with the skill of someone who has used it for many years," he explained. "And by contrasting himself with Trump without even saying his former boss's name, Pence is presenting himself as a kind of off-ramp for Republicans who think the Trump phenomenon has run its course — even as the former president continues to demand loyalty."

But comedian Stephen Colbert described it as "the showdown absolutely no one is waiting for!"

"The Late Show" imagined the contest with a fake promo.

"Coming in 2024 C-SPAN, the 2024 Republican Primary Debates," a narrator said.

"See all the action when the former president's one-time biggest fan debates with the former president's current biggest fan," the narrator said while Trump was displayed on screen.