‘Very damning’: Experts say Republicans keep inadvertently revealing Trump’s guilt
Trump supporters wearing 'In God we Trump' T-shirts / Shutterstock.

The MAGA meltdown following the execution of a search warrant at Mar-a-Lago may be harming Donald Trump's legal position by making the former president look even more guilty.

On Wednesday, The Washington Post editorial board wrote, "Republicans are behaving with gross irresponsibility: from talk show hosts urging violence that seems all-too-possible after the events of Jan. 6, 2021, to Sen. Rick Scott (R-FA) and former Trump strategist Stephen K. Bannon comparing the FBI to the Gestapo, to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) declaring the Justice Department in 'an intolerable state of weaponized politicization.' This rhetoric is disturbing and dangerous — not to mention hypocritical. In fact, it is Mr. Trump’s administration and acolytes who sought to weaponize the Justice Department, and it is they who today are attempting to turn what to all appearances is a legitimate inquiry into a political circus."

Trump and his supporters may be undermining his own defense. Trump himself, former Trump lawyer Christina Bobb and "Fox and Friends" host Ainsley Earhardt have all suggest FBI agents may have planted evidence at Mar-a-Lago.

Tristan Snell, who successfully sued Trump University out of existence while working for the New York Attorney General's Office, said their defense is just making Trump look guilty.

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"If you start saying the FBI 'planted the evidence,' that means you know damn well that the FBI just got its hands on some very damning evidence," Snell tweeted.

"DOD deleted J6 data. The Secret Service deleted J6 data. Homeland Security deleted J6 data," Snell noted. "So when it looks like Trump stole 25 boxes of presidential records — including classified — it must be viewed as part of the coverup of the biggest conspiracy in American history."

Former prosecutor Katie Phang wrote, "Riddle me this: If Trump’s defense is that you were allowed to declassify the documents and keep them in your possession, then why would that evidence have been 'planted'?…"

Former federal prosecutor Richard Signorelli suggested MAGA's public relations talking points may backfire.

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"Holding on to classified docs which resulted in the search and falsely suggesting that evidence was planted — not helpful," Signorelli wrote.

"If the reports of Trump possessing/refusing to return classified info are accurate, he should be immediately arrested/charged pursuant to a criminal complaint, followed by grand jury process," Signorelli added. "This can happen tomorrow."

Trump may have violated five different federal laws in the case.

The argument may not only hurt in the court of law, but also the court of public opinion. On Tuesday, "The Daily Show" with Trevor Noah hilariously broke down the hypocrisy of MAGA's defense of Trump.

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