Trump pontificates on Jen Psaki's 'really beautiful red hair' at Michigan rally

Donald Trump's offered his opinions on Jennifer Psaki's hair during a Saturday campaign rally in Michigan.

Trump began by describing the White House press secretary as "the woman with the really beautiful red hair."

He also referenced reports that Psaki is in negotiations for a job as MSNBC, which Trump suggested was because of her hair.

"You know she's going to MSNDC (sic), you know that right? Right? They need a red head, they don't have a red head over there, so they need a redhead," Trump said.

The rally featured an "opening prayer" falsely claiming Trump is the current president, Trump arguing he would have been the first to admit Biden won the 2020 election, and attacks on Michigan's Dutch community.

One attendee expected the Space Force to overturn the election.