Reporter sounds the alarm about Trump promoting 'the most red-pilled' QAnon video yet

One reporter sent out an urgent warning after former President Donald Trump posted what may be his most bizarre, QAnon-related, and conspiracy-laden video yet on his Truth Social platform.

The video was "re-truthed" by Trump on Thursday evening, and as The Daily Beast political reporter Will Sommer noted, the imagery was "filled with overt QAnon memes," and that the former president was really "stepping his QAnon outreach."

Truth Social

"This new video might be the most red-pilled QAnon content Trump has ever posted, which is saying something," Sommer wrote on Twitter. "Filled with references to military tribunals, pedophiles, Satanists, and Punisher skulls."

While Trump has long been associated with the QAnon movement, he has been propagating their conspiracies more and more in recent months. This video may be the closest that he has come to an outright endorsement of the group..

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The video contains memes, mostly of Trump, in relation to numerous QAnon tropes. This includes memes promoting the false narrative that Trump won the 2020 election, as well as memes telling patriotic Americans to "prepare for the storm." Many of these pictures are of Trump, but a number of them include many QAnon symbols, such as the letter 'Q', a Punisher skull, and 'WWG1WGA,' - a common QAnon slogan for "Where We Go One, We Go All."

Many of these pictures also hint at a comeback for Trump, with one saying that "it's not over by a longshot." One of QAnon's most prominent theories is that the former president will somehow be reinstated into office to take revenge against his political enemies. There is also a photo that compares Trump to former President John F. Kennedy. This may be related to perhaps the strangest QAnon theory - that Kennedy's son, JFK JR., faked his own death in 1997 and will return to help Trump run the country.

According to one report, some QAnon followers even believe Kennedy himself is still alive and disguising himself as Trump - despite the fact that JFK would be 105 years old.

All of this seems to corroborate what many political analysts have been saying: That Trump is now beginning to fully embrace the QAnon movement, as they are among his strongest supporters. When the video made its way across other social media platforms, many people took notice of the rally that Trump had last week, which was similarly filled with QAnon imagery and alleged QAnon music.