Donald Trump and Mary Trump
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Donald Trump's niece claims she heard her family make racist remarks while she was growing up, Insider reports.

"I would listen to the racism in my family," Mary Trump said during an appearance on "The Karen Hunter Show" podcast. "I didn't know what the hell they were talking about."

While Mary Trump wasn't specific about the remarks she heard, she told The Washington Post that in 2020 and she often heard antisemitic rhetoric and the N-word while growing up. She also claimed at the time that she specifically heard Donald Trump use the N-word and antisemitic slurs.

Speaking to Karen Hunter this Sunday, Mary Trump said her relatives rarely interacted with people from other races, claiming that her parents "didn't have any Black friends" -- which was far different from her own experience.

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"I walked to the subway every day to go to school, and I walked home, and I passed by shops that were Black-owned. Most of the people I interacted with in stores and stuff were Black," she said.

She added that she "grew up with this unformed notion that racism was just absolute nonsense and anybody who subscribed to it was an idiot at best."

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